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In Read to Lead games, students become the boss of a virtual workplace. Students can explore either the public service, medical, or journalism industry. They play through their workday, reading closely, thinking critically, and solving real-world problems, all while balancing the hectic demands of an exciting career.

Want to see what it’s like? Preview one of our games to understand the student experience.

Game Summary: Medical secretary, Brendan, mixes up a patient's blood test results, which leads to a misdiagnosis. The patient threatens to sue if Brendan isn't fired. The staff says the clinic should treat this as a system failure, not a personal error. You must decide whether to hold Brendan accountable or update the clinic's systems.

How to Implement Read to Lead In Your Learning Environment

Read to Lead allows for flexible implementation in ELA, Science, Social Studies, Specials, Reading Intervention, afterschool programs, summer camps, and even at home!

Here are some examples of how Read to Lead might look in different settings:

Supplement Core Curriculum

Use games, lesson plans, or projects to supplement

45-60 minute sessions

Blended Learning Rotations

Begin whole-class with the Prepare mini-lessons and then break into mini-groups. Groups may include teacher-led guided practice, collaborative learning groups, and independent play

1-2x per week
90 minute sessions

Electives, Advisory, and Fun Fridays

Focus solely on career readiness, 21st century skill development, and social emotional skill building through gameplay followed by collaborative discussion and student-led projects

1x per week
45-60 minute sessions

Out Of School Time Clubs

Deep dive into leadership skills, career exploration activities, community service projects, while fulfilling your academic requirements

2-3x per week
45-60 minute sessions

Use Read to Lead in Your Classroom

Educators Are Using Read to Lead To Build
Confident Readers and Leaders Across The Country

Build The Next Generation of Readers and Leaders with Read to Lead

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