Program Features

Prepare your students for
their day at work

Each work day begins by engaging your students in dialogue about 21st century decision making. Our mini-lessons and worksheets prepare your students to face the unique challenges in their gameplay environments.

Immerse your students into the workplace

After preparing them for leadership, your leaders will begin making decisions. We provide you with additional tools to help guide them through the episode.
Sample Episode Task List

Reflect on their day at work

Discuss the problems and challenges of the workday. How did the students respond to their team members?

Transfer the game experience into their lives and communities

Guide your students to lead in their communities. With our hands on projects and activities, you’ll see how they foster their own voice.
See sample project

Gameplay experience created with your students in mind

Common Core Aligned assessments

ESL support and translation

Audio read-aloud

Self guided glossary

Digital support tools

Our digital support tools give your students access to play at any level
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