Summer Program

Youth Leadership Summer Program

Activate youth voice and leadership by placing your students in the role of the boss.

This summer, the town of Port Douglas is counting on your students to solve the difficult problems they face. Youth will read, make decisions, and practice the skills to be a leader in their community.

How does the program work?

2 immersive
workplace programs

for ages 10-15 in the public service and medical industry

12 days at work

to build 21st-century skills essential to career readiness

1 culminating project

transferring their leadership into a service learning project

30 hours of educator
and program support

activities and projects

Why should we implement this program?

Improve literacy with a non-traditional
method for ages 10-15

Each episode is 30 minutes of reading time and 5,000 words read. By playing the games, students make authentic workplace decisions and practice close reading skills.

Cultivate youth voice and leadership

In our learning games, youth are the boss. They diagnose patients and organize search and rescue teams. Youth make tough decisions, communicate and collaborate with their diverse staff, and solve complex problems.

Provide turn-key implementation and educator support

Read to Lead provides FREE culminating and community action projects, upfront training, and implementation support! We are committed to building the capacity of site directors and youth facilitators.

We access youth at all levels of learning

Anchor Reading Standards aligned assessments

ESL support and translation

Audio read-aloud

Self guided glossary

Digital support tools

Our digital support tools give your students access to play at any level

How do we get started?

Choose your workplace.


Start your service learning project.

Register for free to start the program!

Contact us at for virtual trainings, questions, and implementation support.